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Address: 532/3/33 Kinh Duong Vuong , KP 1, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan Dist, HCM city
Phone: 028.3636.2868 - 028.3636.2869
Email: info@inquocthanh.com - offset@inquocthanh.com

Services in VAT invoices and registration procedures in VAT invoice package with low cost, fast time, in nhanh chuyen nghiep. Ensure high quality, prevent counterfeiting, destroying embryos in order after completing prescribed by the State.

On 14/5/2010, the Government issued regulations requiring organizations, individuals and business to meet the conditions for self-printed invoices or put in the bill to be used in the sale of goods and services. Regulations require businesses to complete the design and registration of the bill before 01/10/2010 and formally adopted invoices on 1/1/2011.

As the prestigious production company, with many years of experience in the printing industry. in nhanh Quoc Thanh committed to provide customers with high quality products, ensuring the aesthetics as well as to avoid the phenomenon of counterfeit bills now.

Mr. Thanh: 0902619188