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These principles need to know when designing a professional business card

Business cards that provide basic information to the partners themselves or friends and customers. A business card is designed carefully, meticulously and was initially impressed with the person opposite. Therefore, when designing a business card, to ensure compliance with the principles designed to bring business cards with high efficiency.

Business cards are often designed in Adobe Illustrator or Corel software (or software other vector graphic design) size is 9cm x 5,5cm popular.

Here are the criteria designed to show beautiful and professional business card:

- Important information such as name, company name should be capitalized and so larger than other information.

- The layout of the business card information to balance and harmony between the text and the background. Enough information needed by its owner as your name, phone number, email, website, address, job title, company work (if any).

- Material paper is used as medium C250. Some people prefer thick business card, the C300 and should be rolled using fuzzy.

- Co-color business card printing needs in a reasonable and should not take more than 3 colors. The color should match the feng shui master card. Often the company's business card or company logo using color as the dominant color for easy identification with the company brand.

- Text should be crisp and clear. Help the reader absorb information best.

- Some cards in the field of art, design, they may have different design styles, such as adding new images to the card. But design and print business cards quickly should also consider the harmony of colors. Avoid flashy and glitzy.

- A formal business card and courtesy should be so bright, black text; simple design, selected to design the standard font (Myriad Pro, Arial ..). If you want to insert or patterned wallpaper, the picture should select only bright and dim enough to not affect the reading text on a business card.

- To give clear visual business card, then we should not bo border around the card.