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Design rule 20 should not break - Part 1

Just like any other all professions, Graphic Designers also have regulations, the rules that you should follow when the new "toddler" learn and step into this profession.

If in some special cases, you want to break it, then you must understand what you're doing, aware of his rules are broken, and it is important to be very proper break.

1 - The distance between characters (Kerning)

Kerning is the basics of typography. Error kerning is one of the most important error of the design, so mastering this particular concept or typography in general is a very important skill that you need to know in the process of becoming a professional designer.

Kerning is the calibration distance between the characters. Heard and saw extremely simple, but if you do this well, you will see a clear difference in their design. The purpose of this is to help kerning characters are arranged in an intuitive way, neat and easy to read.

2 - Readability / legibility

The main purpose of the design is able to convey the message to the viewers. Whether you have done, the top priority issues is how to keep their design is always easy to read status - the most recognizable.

So what affects the above concepts? A common example is the most comprehensible and the contrast between text and background, always keep the contrast between the text and the background is high enough to be able to clearly distinguish every sentence, every word in order to prevent this problem.

Mistake followed by excessive use CAPITAL letters (capital letters). All caps will make others think you are scolding, yelling, fulminatory them. In addition, it also makes all the characters are high x-height are equal, not create calculated "rhythm" makes viewers difficult to identify, distinguish the characters. Thereby leading to difficulties in receiving information from the blueprints.

Another mistake is the size of the font, if the font is too small and difficult to read. Assuming you do not have access to test draft mode, you can consult with other people around us, because sometimes the look of them find it easier to read. But for others, it is not!

It should be noted here is: If you look it seems pretty good aesthetic, not sure if it has brought good communication efficiency. Therefore, use the real word meticulous and careful.

3 - The length of a line should be enough

Have you ever had difficulty in reading a book or magazine yet? In case that each time you read down the back row were lost, not know what you are reading to cart. It may be the fault of the length of a row is not appropriate.

If the line is too long, your eyes have to regulate more from left to right, and when it will be vulnerable to every case that his example above. And if it's too short, eye regulate many line breaks, makes the content you are reading is interrupted, not continuous. Therefore, the minimum length of a line to have an average of 6 from the equivalent of about 30-40 characters (including spaces). This will help regulate your eyes easily and seamless content and more.

4 - Decentralization of the side

As designed, if you decentralize the content clear, pure, primary-side surcharges. You easily convey the necessary information to the reader, the viewer. It also highlights the important content.

This hierarchy can be used by the font, color or size. For example, as shown above to what is written: fruit cultivation are left, use the same font, size, color and severity of letters. It makes the viewer will be difficult to absorb what is the main content, important issues need attention or to remember anything. As for the example to the right, using the size, the color, the severity of the letters, help viewers easily absorb the content of the invitation is, the date and time of the event. This design brings visual properties higher up your eyes and brain are much more receptive and remember more.

5 - The distance from

Besides the note of Kerning, Word Spacing (spacing between words) we also need to keep in mind to prevent the gap is too wide or too narrow, causing many gaps in the text.

Common rules to solve this case, it is common to "imagine" a character "i" between the words, the gap between words will be equal to the width of the letter "i" it. All this calibration you can do manually. However, depending on the circumstances and depending on the font for appropriate calibration.

End of part 1, to be continued ...

By: designschool.canva.com, uyen.vn - ADC synthesis and editing