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Design rule 20 should not break - Part 2

6 - Compared goods, margins

The vast majority of people who have used these types of margins, compared to this restaurant since the start toddlers spend Word to format the text. In design too, we have four main types of margins: left, right, center, and farming are the two sides.

Left Center are common type, the most common. Do you ever find out why not? Due to regulate their eyes from left to right, so when we watch writing in the left margin, the default visual communication we will get things right with a short, neat and easy to read. Just align the left margin right margin that relaxed, which helps our documents look natural, comfortable, easy to acquire content to be transmitted.

Aligning have often used with decorative purposes in the design of the brand, or only used with a short piece of text. We are not encouraged to use margins for a large block of text, because the left margin is not straight line path, it is difficult for us to locate precisely each time down the line, the eyes will be difficult to identify goods make us easy to misread.

Very well centered and often used in the design of posters, invitations, brand identity, etc ... because it brings balance, highly aesthetic. However, it stressed that should not use centered text for a block too large, because it is difficult to find a new restaurant every time we line breaks.

Justify the exterior looks finely creased help text, cleaner. It's true! But it is true in the case of your text volume to be extremely large, extremely many letters, as in literature, novels, etc ... And if the case of your text volume is not big enough, you'll enjoy Word Spacing encountered error cases, affect your design.

7 - Grid

If you entered a graphic design job, they can be used from now on grid systems. It's like a fairy godmother in fairy tales, when that can help your design from something stopped at a safe level, the average to become to something clean, clear and better efficiency.

Grid has many shapes and sizes and you can build them to become more agile, adaptable and fit your design. It helps designers to arrange elements on the page neat, plausible.

8 - Object-oriented design that came

Most designers are starting a brief (summary of requirements, the contents of the) from customers or even the design for themselves. However, we sometimes whether accidentally or intentionally, and often forget the most important question, "We're designing for any object?"

With the example above, the same content, if glance, you can easily see the design on the left look more professional, more luxurious. But if you look closely, this is a design for children's concerts, audiences are directed to children and their parents, the black and white elements in the left image will not fit, do not eye-catching, do not cause a lot of attention and absorb with the right design.

Remember, your design is good though it is, that does not conform to the intended audience will also reduce the interaction, not the best communication to your users.

9 - Widows & Orphans (Widows & Orphans)

"Orphans" is the case only a lone word in a row, and "widow" was the case the last row of the text to be dropped into another column or another page. These errors very frequently encountered, and the other a professional designer amateurs in that they can realize this is a mistake and fix it. Just a little thing, but this alone is enough to make up the difference.

The way to fix these errors is reduced Kerning increased attention, Word Spacing, or calibration of the text frame width, etc ... to help avoid this unnecessary errors.

10 - Color matching

Color is a powerful tool of the designers, therefore, the use of an appropriate color scheme will help design a more professional look. Many studies, analyzes have shown that use certain colors to influence consumers. For example, orange is thought to stimulate the appetite, which is why orange is a commonly used in the fast food design.

Therefore, learn the meaning of each color before use, to provide the highest efficiency for the design, conveying the right purpose of the product content.

End of Part 2, to be continued ...

By: designschool.canva.com, uyen.vn - ADC synthesis and editing