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Design rule 20 should not break - Part 3

11 - Use appropriate font

Along with using the right colors on each typeface, font, ... will also have implications on the design no.Tuy own, subject, style, .. which option to match letters. To understand more, there will be articles about typography in the next number.

12 - Do not use too special fonts in content

Body text is the main content section typically contains a very large volume of letters to deliver content to viewers. As a designer, you must make sure the contents are always in a state of the most readable. Avoid using handwritten fonts or font so special, will cause the feeling hard to read.

But special fonts should be used only for decorative purposes and for use in the title, headline short, little word used to emphasize or decorate more about the aesthetics of the design.

13 - Never stretch letters

Each font designed by a very meticulous calculation, thoroughly for each stroke, each distance, size (in terms of typography, they are called Anatomy). Therefore, you can not stretch in any form letters to be demolished and what is its capital. When this happens, not only will lose the design aesthetics, but also causes a very unpleasant feeling.

The workaround in this case is to find and install the full set of typeface (encourage you to put the money to buy the copyright that typeface). With owning font typeface family with diverse as: extended, condensed, thin, light, medium, bold, italic, extra bold, extra thin, etc ... than enough to use in most cases.

14 - Avoid using colors not in tune

Besides choosing the right colors for the theme, the designers also need to choose the color and harmoniously coordinated such that, upon launch. Together at the two examples above, use the form on the left of the text and background colors with high contrast, making my eyes like there was a fight, do not know should focus on the background or on the letter, not the main highlight-side. Where the right is softer, between text and background colors contrast enough to not be fighting each other, visible, legible and more subtle.

15 - WHITE SPACE is not void

White space can help people see more focus on a specific aspect of your product design, it helps design the space to "breathe", it also helps to balance the elements in the design or creation should flair to your design.

One thing that white space can do is to add meaning to your design without adding any other factor. As the poster advertising the right. By making the headset between white space, the message "100% noise cancellation" create a stronger impression.

End of Part 3, to be continued ...

By: designschool.canva.com, uyen.vn - ADC synthesis and editing