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Improving the competitiveness of enterprises with high-tech printing

To assist enterprises in Vietnam have access to modern technology to improve product quality, boost exports, as well as build business relationships important, long-term development cooperation and sustainability with German firms, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Germany in Vietnam (GIC / AHK Vietnam) in collaboration with Messe Düsseldorf PrintPromotion and organized seminars on modern technologies in the field of printing with the theme: "High technology in the printing industry - towards Drupa 2016".

The workshop took place in Hanoi on 3/12, and in HCMC on 04/12/2015. Here, nine leading companies of the German printing industry as Kolbus GmbH, KAMA GmbH, Will-Pemco / BW papersystems, IST Metz GmbH, HC Moog GmbH, Polar Mohr GmbH & Co.KG, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Koenig & Bauer AG and Windmoller & Holscher KG was introduced to experts and Vietnam enterprise technologies, techniques and latest applications and modern of them, from the printing, drying technology, cutting technology, to the monitoring of color printing.

Experts said that many enterprises printing industry in the country recently affected by the world economic crisis and difficulties of the domestic economy and is affected by the strong development of network communications . Another challenge is that the printing industry enterprises in countries facing very fierce competition with imports from China.

However, field labels printed packaging, printing service processing industry and exports, there is growth. Over 1,000 enterprise printing packaging industry expectations in 2015 will have better growth with growth rates of 10-12%.

Mr. Nguyen Van Field, president of the Association Print Vietnam commented that the printing industry has been a structural shift markedly. In the field of printing labels packaging accounted for 80% market share in the printing industry of Vietnam. And the evaluation of the potential world market of packaging printing Vietnam is very large, growing and is likely to increase by 20% / year. However, competitive pressures in increasingly large print. This is both a pressure and also the motivation for enterprises to Vietnam printing capacity building, access to international markets, a very potential market, while in developed countries tend to move the print processing contract large companies from China and neighboring countries to Vietnam.

According to Mr Field, generally businesses in the printing industry Vietnam has invested heavily in administration, high technology, as well as quality control, image, color in the printing industry. In addition, the qualifications and skills of manpower in the printing industry is still not high, has not reached the international level. Hence, links with foreign firms, or the exchange through conferences, fairs like drupa is essential for businesses to print Vietnam.

Dr. Markus Heering, CEO Company PrintPromotion, Representative of Messe Duesseldorf and exhibition drupa, also assess the printing industry is changing globally, to meet common challenges from the strong growth of the internet. The market share decline more newspapers, especially in North America. However, the label printing industry is still thriving. And according to Mr. Heering, now the general trend of the printing industry is automation, so to succeed, we have to invest in high technology, superior solutions and training high-quality human resources in the printing industry.

During the business trip to Vietnam this time, he Heering said, "We want to introduce the technology of printing high-quality, advanced from Germany to Vietnam enterprises. I believe that Germany can offer high-tech solutions in the printing industry as well as meet the needs of companies in Vietnam. Besides, we also want information about the fair Drupa 2016, where Vietnam can now update the technology, information and trends in the future, as well as operating system of the enterprise printing on the world. Enterprises Vietnam joining drupa can update and discuss with foreign businesses on the printing industry, and the development potential in Vietnam, to attract investment in the future. And we hope to have many more Vietnam now attending drupa 2016 ".

drupa 2016 will be held from 31/5 - 10/6/2016, in Duesseldorf, Germany. Widely regarded as the Olympics of the print industry, the convergence 4 times in 1 of all print and media company, drupa is a prestigious trade fair, the world's largest specialty printing and paper. Vietnam now always expect the fair, as an opportunity to reschedule up, so they can invest, shopping, technology updates, information and the latest equipment. drupa welcomes about 300 visitors came from Vietnam now.

At drupa 2016, the first participation in the fair as exhibitors, now Vietnam - Mylan Group will provide products, offset plates used in the printing and ink display at this exhibition, on view 100m2.

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