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Paper business cards

About the paper business cards

Currently, a business card is an important part of communication, not only new entrepreneurs need business cards, staff, researchers also need to exchange business cards to keep in touch with colleagues.

giấy in danh thiếp

Paper business card with many different types, but the most common and popular people often use quantitative Couches paper 300grm. Need to open a thin plastic film on two sides of a business card, suitable for offset printing & screen printing now all color inkjet DC if appropriate inks.

About the kinds of colors: white, ivory, super white, dark paper for light-colored ink or in Government.

About the paper: usually or use weighing 220 - 300 GRM (grams per m2) to measure the thickness of thin card.

On the surface of paper types: rough, striated, ribbed, wrinkled, smooth, durable, tear no torn, metallic paper mettalic particles (small metal particles).

The paper label printing business cards:

- Conqueror.

- Canson.

- Bristol

- Seda Plano

- Kishu

- ... and many others

But now most commonly used paper Conqueror.

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