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Plastic Decal Printing

Print professional plastic Decal

Decal is a plastic material used to print labels are very common. Decal basically like plastic but the plastic decal paper Decal more diversity in materials as well as satisfy the requirements in use. The type most commonly used plastic decal are: frozen Decal, Decal in, decal milk, silver decal, decal aluminum, tin decals, reflective decals, ...

Plastic decal label commonly used in many areas such as: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, interior - exterior, appliances, packaging products - canned, ... And plastic decal can pasted on many different materials: plastic, wood, PV, PCV, Mica, Glass, plastic, etc. And in many eye-catching colors so plastic decal is very popular used as decal paper.

Plastic decal has the advantage of very high viscosity, exist in many different harsh environment: In addition to sun, rain, freezing environment, the environment of high temperature, high humidity environment, ...

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